• Sexual Health Service

    Greenway Centre
    Newham General Hospital
    Glen Road
    E13 8SL

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  • Sexual Health Service

    Shrewsbury Centre
    Shrewsbury Road Health Centre
    Shrewsbury Road
    Forest Gate
    E7 8QP

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NHS NELNET - North East London HIV and Sexual Health Clinical Network

What's in Newham?

Sexual health and testing

A range of day and evening sexual health clinics are available across the borough for men and women of all ages. All methods of contraception are available, including free condoms and emergency contraception. The clinics also provide pregnancy testing and referral to the Termination of Pregnancy Service if required. Female clinicians are available at all sexual health centres.

To find about reproductive, sexual health and HIV testing for Newham please call the Sexual Health and HIV Testing Service on 0800 977 8751.

There are two main sexual health services that you can just walk into and be seen fairly quickly:

Sexual health support at your local GP or pharmacy

As well as the three main sexual health centres in Newham, GPs and pharmacists will offer you support and advice on sexual health.

GPs can give you contraception, Chlamydia testing and free condoms. Most pharmacists will be able to give you free emergency contraception and some of them can offer Chlamydia testing.

I am under 25. What services are there for me?
If you are aged under 25, there are places you can go for advice,including:


Free HIV rapid test

With an HIV rapid test you do not need to make an appointment and your results are available in one hour. The HIV rapid test service is free, confidential and available from St. John’s Church, Broadway, Stratford E15 1NG on Mondays from 6pm to 9pm.

Other places where you can get sexual health advice and services in Newham include:

More information

NHS Newham

You Test

If you are 24 years or younger You Test is for you. It is for the early detection and treatment of both chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Both of these sexually transmitted infections don’t always have symptoms so you may not be aware that you have them. For more information about You Test, including where you can get a test, please visit www.checkurself.org.uk or ring the You Test team on 020 8821 0837.

Shine – for people 24 and under

If you are 24 years or under you can get sexual health advice and information from Shine. Services are free and confidential and you don’t need an appointment. Shine has a full range of sexual health services including free condoms.
Call shine on: 020 8586 8888
text: 07624 802 242
email: shine@newhampct.nhs.uk
or visit: www.shine.nhs.uk

Positive East
Provides support services for anyone affected by HIV who lives or receives HIV treatment in East London. It also offers rapid HIV testing services.

HPV jab to prevent cervical cancer

There is now a jab, for girls and women, that provides protection against two strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) that is responsible for two of the most common types of cervical cancer.

If you are female and between 12-15 years old, your parent or guardian signs the consent form and it is returned to your school, you will be given a HPV jab by a school nurse at your school. If you are 16 years or older you do not need parental consent to get the HPV jab.

So that you get the right protection you will get three jabs over six months. If are not at school and you want to have a HPV jab please talk to your GP.